I got a BookBub Featured Deal!

It doesn’t feel real.

This time last year I was an unpublished author dreaming of someday publishing a book. Now I’ve got two books out with a third coming 4/16. The reaction to my stories/writing has filled my soul. I’ve loved hearing from people who enjoy my writing and want to read more.

So when my publisher contacted me to let me know I was going to be a featured deal on BookBub I just about lost my mind. I mean the number of people who will get to see my book boggles my mind.

Now to the fun part. Because of that my book is now on sale for $0.99 till April 1st. Even if you don’t see the add I hope you will reach out and give my book a try. One of my first reviews is still my favorite:

If something like that interests you check it out before the sale ends!


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Writer of Steamy Romance. Part time author, full time engineer and single mom. Enjoying life and trying to find my write life.

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