Into the Deep Dark (A Dark Sons Short Story)

It’s my birthday today so I’m having fun. I turn 46 this year and have had the most amazing year. I’ve published four books, started a podcast, taught my daughter how to drive, and met more wonderful people than I can count. I’m hoping to beat that in the next year so stay tuned for all sorts of news.

As a present from me to you all I’m putting up a short story about how Cheryl and Deep first got together. Don’t read on if you don’t want the steam 😀 Hope you all enjoy and are having a wonderful day. 

Into the Deep Dark

Pain throbbed in her temples and Cheryl’s head pounded in time to the steady chatter of the Friday night bar crowd. She regretted caving to her girlfriend’s demands that they come here. Most nights the place had a quiet, laid back vibe where she and her coworkers at the courthouse would come for an after work drink. Unfortunately, tonight there was some sort of Speed Dating event and the place was packed.

“My head is pounding. Let’s get out of here.” Cheryl shouted over the noise of the crowd.

Working for the District Attorney was stressful, and weekends were her time to decompress. She could do that by relaxing at home or getting wild. Either worked, but she wasn’t about to let loose at a bar where her co-workers were sitting a few tables away. Telling Erin had been pointless. Like usual, her girlfriend hadn’t cared about anything but herself. 

“No. We’re meeting Lauren and Dana here.”

Frustration turned up the volume on the headache pulsing in her temples. Erin knew those women hated her. Maybe it was time to end this joke of a relationship for good. The constant drama was tiresome. At this point, dating Erin was more about habit than attraction. 

The two of them were opposites. Erin was a ski instructor, a Nordic beauty who loved being the center of attention. A gold star lesbian with a Pixie cut, she had sharp cheekbones and loved to rile people up. Cheryl, on the other hand, was a people pleaser. Bisexual, her Mediterranean genetics were prominent in her features, with long dark hair, gentle curves, and she loved everything feminine. 

In the beginning, their differences in personality had been exciting. But some things couldn’t be overcome. Recently, it became clear that fun times in bed weren’t enough to make up for Erin’s constant need for drama. 

“Why haven’t you introduced me to your co-workers?” Erin’s whining words grated against her skin. 

Cheryl took a deep breath. “I told you I had a rough day and didn’t feel like talking to my coworkers.” She kept her tone calm, which was hard when all she wanted to do was flip her girlfriend off. “If you want, you can come here with me on Tuesday and meet them.”

“Rough day?” Erin snorted. “What? Did you get a paper-cut making copies? You’re a lawyer- not exactly a physically taxing profession.”

And that right there was why, after months of being together, their relationship was still casual. Cheryl worked for the District Attorney on family law and juvenile cases. Day after day, having to deal with the horrible, heartbreaking reality of trying to find the best solutions to impossible cases. 

“I had court today.” Her last case that day had been prosecuting a sixteen-year-old kid who’s actual crime was being homeless, not the theft they had convicted him of. 

“Oh, so you’re cranky because you didn’t get to see your work boyfriend.” The jealousy that laced her girlfriend’s voice was painfully obvious. 

It was tempting to pretend she didn’t know who Erin was talking about, but dishonesty wasn’t her thing. Daniel Martin was a long-standing point of contention, despite the fact that nothing was going on between them. 

The gorgeous private attorney was always professional, polite, and much too straightlaced. They had met when she was the assigned attorney opposite him in a custody case. The former Marine Judge Advocate was transitioning to civilian law and was too by the book for her tastes. Which was a shame. A body like that deserved to be naughty. 

“Cut the jealousy act, Erin. We have an open relationship that you frequently take advantage of. So I have no reason to lie to you when I say I’ve never slept with the man.”

She met up with him a few times a month to discuss the differences between civilian and military law. The intellectual chemistry between the two of them was off the charts and had sparked a few hidden fantasies. Ok, a lot. 

“I want to meet your boyfriend.” Erin pouted.

“He’s not my boyfriend, he’s a colleague.” Cheryl rubbed her temples. “I don’t even see him here. It was a rough day in court. Like I told you earlier, I’m tired and I have a headache.”

“It’s always about you, isn’t it?”

Cheryl didn’t even bother to hide her snort. “You know what? I’m leaving. Have fun with your friends.” She wasn’t tired, but she needed to decompress. The temptation to hook-up with a random stranger was there but, although their relationship was open, Cheryl had never taken advantage and would not start now.

“You sure you want to leave me alone with your co-workers?” Erin gestured to the table of men who were in suits. They didn’t look familiar, but they could have worked at the courthouse. “Think of all the things I could tell them about what you’re like under your prim little suits.”

Cheryl rocked back in her seat, fury bubbling in her stomach. She stood and leaned over the table. “What exactly are you threatening?”

Erin smirked. “They would love to hear how you like being tied up. Sit your ass back down if you don’t want them all to know how twisted you like things in the bedroom.”

How had she ever trusted this woman? Having someone willing to try out her sexual fantasies with her had been fun, and probably the only reason they were still together. She may not want to shout her preferences to the world, but she would not let them be used as blackmail.

“We’re done.” Cheryl’s entire body lightened as she stood straight.

“I see you still haven’t tamed your bratty Bi yet. I told you she wasn’t worth the effort.” Lauren’s nasal voice was an unwelcome sound. The bitch was part of Erin’s core group of friends and often made her dislike of Cheryl known. 

Red flushed Erin’s cheeks as she barked, “You don’t get to leave until I say you can. “

What part of we are done hadn’t she understood? Cheryl clenched her fists. By the silence of people at the neighboring tables, they had drawn an audience. Fine, if her former girlfriend wanted a scene, she could have one. 

Cheryl took a deep breath and used her courtroom voice. “Let me make myself clear. We’re fucking finished. Done. Never call me again. Do you understand me now? You’re a lying attention seeking child who needs to grow up.” She should have left it there and taken the high road, but her anger wouldn’t let her. “You’re also crappy in bed and a selfish lover. I pity the person who you trick into believing your lies next.” Cheryl lifted her chin and turned away. 

Pain radiated from her skull as her long black hair was jerked backward. 

“Who the hell are you calling crappy in bed? You’re a freak who can’t hack it as a lesbian and needs whips and chains to get off,” Erin shouted.

Cheryl whirled and was face to face with an enraged Erin. Adrenaline from her bad day only added to her anger at having her hair used like it was a leash by this sorry excuse for a woman. “I’m not a Lesbian!” Years of frustration at people’s willful ignorance drove her to continue. “Being Bi doesn’t mean I’m supposed to pick a side. It doesn’t mean polyamourus, or a cheater. Liking things more adventurous than scissoring in the dark does not make me a freak. Let go of my hair before I lose my temper.”

She was shaking, with all the conflicting emotions running through her head. How had she let this woman into her life? All she had wanted was the opportunity to let go sexually with a partner. Let someone else take control and escape the stress of her life. Being bisexual was harder than people understood. Men fantasized about you wanting threesomes, women were sure you were too scared to admit you were gay and would run back to the heterosexual world to pass as straight when things got tough. Erin’s supposed perfection had dimmed as soon as it became apparent she was trying to mold Cheryl into something she could never be. She hasn’t left the relationship before now because fear of the unknown is a powerful thing. 

Pain exploded across her cheek, and Cheryl stumbled back, her hair blinding her in a dark curtain. Erin had slapped her. That bitch! She would kick her ass. Cheryl lunged forward but, before she could get a swing in, powerful arms wrapped around her, immobilizing her. She shook her head, trying to clear her hair from her face. 

Erin was pinned to the table by a large man Cheryl recognized as the bartender Colt. 

“Let me go!” Erin growled.

“No can do.” Colt’s voice was tight with what looked to be anger. “Deep, is her girlfriend ok?”

“I’m fine. Not her girlfriend anymore.” Cheryl forced herself to relax into the man holding her. Knowing from the steel grip he had, struggling, was useless.

The man holding her chuckled. “I think we all know that now.”

The low tone vibrated through her like a soothing wave. His voice could be used as a weapon to calm people all over the world. It was that beautiful. And it was familiar. 

Cheryl looked up and recognized the strong masculine features of the last man she wanted to bump into now. “Daniel?”

He looked down at her with his gorgeous dark eyes and winked. “Hey ball buster. Fancy meeting you here.”

Heat filled Cheryl’s cheeks. She hated the nickname her co-workers had given her ever since an enraged father tried to assault her outside the courtroom. She’d defended herself with a knee to his groin.

Daniel’s arms loosened, letting her go, and she immediately missed his embrace. She forced herself to look away from his gaze. Cheryl glanced around the crowd and noticed with a smirk that Lauren was doing her best to back away from the scene instead of supporting her supposed friend.

Erin’s face pushed down against the table showed a mixture of embarrassment and anger. 

“Do you want to press charges?” Colt asked.

Now wouldn’t that be lovely gossip at work? She already guessed some people here would bring back rumors she would have to deal with till the next juicy scandal. Denver was an open-minded city, but she doubted one of their employees pressing charges for getting assaulted by their lesbian lover would be appreciated. 

“No. It’s not worth it.”

“Ok Deep, take her in the back, make sure she’s OK. I’ll escort this one out of the building.”

“You can’t kick me out!” Erin’s voice faded as Daniel guided Cheryl through the crowd with a firm hand on her back. 

His warm fingers, through the silk of her blouse, were a temptation. What were the chances that he would be witness to the nuclear ending of her relationship?

His black jeans cupped his ass perfectly and his t-shirt hugged his chest like it was tailored for him. She had never seen him out of a suit. It was unfair that he looked as good in casual wear as he did in a custom piece of clothing. Was he here for the speed dating event?

She noticed he was wearing a leather vest with patches on it. As she read them, the nice uptight image she had of the man shattered. “You’re a member of the Dark Son’s motorcycle club?”

Daniel chuckled, his lips quirking up into a sexy grin. “Disappointed?”

“No. I had mistakenly put you into the boring lawyer box.” Her cheeks flushed. “Not that I think you are boring, just that, had I known, I probably would have asked you out for a drink or something.”

“Is that so?”

“Not that I’m a biker bunny.” Cheryl’s nerves had her babbling. “Wait, is that a thing? I know there are badge bunnies for cops. Is it the same for biker groupies?”

His laugh was low and intoxicating. “Yeah, that is a thing. But they’re called sweetbutts.”

“Not sure if that is a better or worse label than a bunny. Boy, did I have you pegged wrong.” Cheryl caught on one of the many patches. “So your nickname is Deep. Is that because of your voice?”

The sparkle in Danie’s eyes was hypnotic. “Not exactly. Deep was my nickname in the military. They gave it to me for other reasons.” As they walked, his gaze slowly ran up and down her body. “I think we have both been making some wrong assumptions.”

Daniel (should she now think of him as Deep?) led her into an office that was probably filled with fascinating things, but she couldn’t focus on anything except the point where their bodies touched. He leaned against a desk and pulled her between his legs. With a gentle touch, he explored her face. 

Looking up at him like this made wicked ideas play through her mind. Maybe she should feel guilty about going right from a breakup to wanting to do dirty things with someone else, but she didn’t. Hell, she had fantasized about him on an almost constant basis for months. She would be a fool not to find out if he might live up to her dreams.

She needed to think of something else before her arousal became apparent. “Uhm, what assumptions did you make about me?” Her voice was too breathy, but she would blame it on the fact that he was brushing his fingers against her tender cheek.

“I was told you were in a committed, happy relationship with a woman.” He ran his thumb over her cheek. “So I assumed you wouldn’t be interested. That I would only get to fantasize about the amazing body you hid under those stuffy suits. I still found every excuse I could to spend time with you.”

“You made excuses to see me?” She swallowed against the dry mouth his words caused.

“You’re brilliant. Your passion for being a lawyer is contagious, and even when I thought there was no chance for me, I was drawn to you.”

“Oh.” Wow, she was all sorts of eloquent. “I enjoyed spending time with you too.” 

That was the understatement of the year. She had looked forward to every meeting they had. The hours of connecting and discussing almost every subject over the last few months had been the best parts of her schedule. She was tempted to pinch herself to see if maybe Erin’s slap had knocked her unconscious and this was a very cruel dream. 

“What are you thinking about so hard?” The comforting sensation of him running his hand down her hair had her closing her eyes in pleasure.

“Trying to figure out if this is a dream. But I’m realizing it has to be real.”

“Oh, why is that?”

“Because the dream version of you talks much dirtier.” Cheryl’s eyes flew open and her cheeks flamed red as she realized what she had said.

She felt more than saw his body tighten. His growl had her core gushing with excitement. “Is that so? And here I was, trying to be a gentleman. Offer you a ride home. Give it a few days before I asked you out.”

The fire in his eyes sent a shiver down her skin. She licked her lips, wanting to taste him so badly it was an actual ache. “You’ve been a gentleman for months. I think I might like meeting this other side of you.”

Deep ran his thumb over her lips as his other hand traced down her side in a caress. He leaned in and nipped her ear. “A part of me wants to bend you over right here and fuck you till you’re hoarse from screaming my name. But that’s not enough. I’ve dreamed about claiming you in so many ways this can’t be a onetime thing. I’d love to meet the wild woman I saw hiding behind your eyes every time you talked about hating the role society forces on you.”

Cheryl pressed against him, his words setting fire to her desire. How could she not have realized he was as attracted to her as she was to him? She had shared more with him than she had with her girlfriend. Her dreams of opening her own practice. Her worries about projecting the right image and fitting in. The only thing she hadn’t shared was the overwhelming urge to let go and give over control to a lover once the workday was done. Would it be a deal breaker? It had been for so many others who wanted her to be the one in charge, both at home and in bed.

She sighed as he brushed a thumb over her breast, barely scraping the edge of her tightened nipple. Cheryl’s hands gripped his thighs, trying to keep her balance as her body swayed, drawn towards him. His hard length was impressive under her hand and she couldn’t hold back a groan. There was no way he was that long. She ran her thumb along the length and licked her lips. She had used toys that size for sure, but she hadn’t thought men actually came in that size. Her mouth watered and her thighs clenched, not sure where she wished to feel him first.

He tilted her chin up and claimed her mouth in a kiss that sent all her thoughts scattering. They moved against each other in a rhythm that was sensual and demanding. When he finally came up for air, he growled down at her. “You live closer. Invite me over.”

Cheryl smiled. It was tempting to push and see if he would really fuck her here, but she wanted to take her time. “Do you want to come to my place?”


The ride back to her place was an overload of sensation that caused much of it to blend together. He had a beautiful motorcycle that did wonderful things as it vibrated against her as they drove. The spring air smelled of cut grass and flowers even in the middle of the city and the lights flew by as Deep must have broken every speed limit to get them back faster. By the time she got her apartment door locked, they’d lost their tops and were stumbling out of their pants.

The sight of his naked body flamed her desire. He wasn’t bulky the way many military men were, but every muscle was cut like a sculptor had chiseled them out of stone. He had tattoos on his arms and back that were bright and colorful. Artwork she wished to explore at some later point, but now she wanted his skin against hers. She paused, her usual insecurity at what came next swirling her thoughts. 

Should she drop down and worship that beautiful cock or climb him like a tree and try to get him inside her as fast as possible? Deep stepped forward, running his fingers across her waist, tracing the mandala tattoo that rounded her hip.

“You are gorgeous. Stand right there and let me look at you.”

Her nipples pebbled as he ran his hands up her sides, cupping her breasts in his large hands. She tilted her head back and moaned as his fingers circled the tender skin, slowly closing in on the painfully tight buds. Electricity shot through her and she struggled to stand still as he flicked each one in a wonderful rhythm.

“Take me to your bedroom. I want you laid out so I can taste every inch of your skin.”

It took a moment for her brain to engage before she could lead him down the hallway to her bedroom. The room was done up in her favorite colors of deep red and royal purple. She had done it up in a Moroccan style with soft fabrics and lush decorations as a sort of getaway within the city. Erin had teased her, saying the room looked like a movie set, not a proper place to sleep, but she didn’t care.

“Fuck, you are going to look gorgeous spread out for me.”

Cheryl squealed as he lifted her up and tossed her down into the center of her enormous bed, sending some of her pillows scattering to the floor. The satin of the bedspread was cool against her heated skin, and she sunk back with a teasing smile. She licked her lips and slowly spread her legs, enjoying the smooth texture against her skin. 

“Is this what you want?”

Deep grinned, stroking his cock with slow strokes. “Where are your toys, beautiful? Let me see what a dirty girl you are.”

She bit her lip but nodded to the bedside table off to her right. He pulled a condom out of his wallet and dropped it on top of the furniture, and slid the drawers open. She blushed at his chuckle, pretty sure she knew what he had found. In his hand was her secret indulgence, a rabbit vibrator that was probably as long as his own cock but not as wide around. The thunk as he dropped it back into the drawer was amusing. The buzz of her pocket rocket sounded a few seconds before she saw the tiny egg-shaped toy. He ran the smooth plastic over her nipples and she arched as the zings of pleasure shot straight down into her core.

“So many toys in there.” He whispered into her ear. “I’m going to need months to try them all out on you properly.”

It was hard to think with him alternately pinching and soothing her nipples with the buzzing toy. Why had she never thought to use it this way? “That sounds like a solid plan to me.”

Tremors traced down her stomach as he ran the toy down and circled her pussy.

“I love the noises you make. I’m going to enjoy making you beg.”

She loved every touch and caress. The way he explored her body slowly, as if memorizing every inch. She bucked off the bed as his warm mouth found her nipple, pushing her right up to the edge of an orgasm. She sucked in a breath, ready to explode, but he pulled away and she whined as the pleasure fell off with a painful abruptness.

He rolled on top of her, his hands grabbing her wrists and pinning them above her head. The toy tossed off the bed onto the floor. He nibbled up her throat as his cock slowly ran along her dripping folds and brushed her clit with a frustrating slowness. 

“I saw a collar and cuffs in your drawer. Are you a good little sub who likes to please or a dirty girl who needs her pleasure controlled by a Master?”

He ground his length down on her, the pressure against her clit making her gush so much she was starting to drip down her thigh. Deep groaned, and she swore she could almost feel his heart beating in his cock against her.

“Answer me, beautiful.” 

What had he asked? Her mind was blissfully blank in that place she loved to go, where all she had to do was feel and follow orders. She finally remembered, but had to think for a minute about how best to answer. His torturous teasing wasn’t helping her concentrate at all. Did she tell the truth and risk losing this, or did she take a chance?

“What do you want me to be?”

The sharp bite of pain at her neck was shocking as his teeth found the juncture of neck and shoulder. 

“None of that.” He pushed her hands together, taking both into one hand. He pushed himself upward with the other so they were eye to eye. “Tell me what you want. Not what you think I want to hear.”

This close, with their bodies pressed against each other, there was no hiding. His gaze pulled hers with such strength and dominance, she dared to hope that he might be what she had been looking for. She took a deep breath and confessed to him what she had only hinted to other lovers.

Tears started to gather in her eyes. “Out there in the world, I give everything that I am. The pressure and stress to be the best is exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time. In here, in private, I want to give it all over to someone I trust. No decisions, just obeying and doing exactly as I’m told, sounds perfect.”

His cock twitched and sent sparks of pleasure through her body. He leaned down and groaned into her ear. “So fucking perfect. God, how do you not know what a treasure you are?” He reached over and pulled the condom off the nightstand. “Grip the headboard and don’t let go until I tell you to.”

She reached above her head and grabbed the metal. He knelt up, and she enjoyed the sight of him rolling the latex on. She expected him to thrust in but instead his fingers found her pleasure center and started a circular maddening pattern that had her squirming in seconds. As the pleasure started to build, his other fingers slipped inside her and she moaned as they began a scissoring motion. The wave of sensation grew. She managed to keep her grip on the headboard but couldn’t keep her hips from thrusting upward.

“Please, I want to feel you inside me.” 

His fingers crooked and stroked against her g-spot, and her body loosened and then tightened as the orgasm rocked over her. As the pleasure was cresting, his size stretched her in delicious ways as he slid in, forcing a scream of pleasure.

He tilted his hips and then with every sharp thrust brushed against the very core of her with pleasure so sharp it was almost pain. A second orgasm built before the first was finished. She could do nothing but surrender to the ecstasy that had rainbows of light dancing across her vision. As her body convulsed, his rhythm faltered, and she felt the pulsing inside her that signaled he was joining her with his own orgasm.

He pulled her close as the intensity slowly ebbed and their panting breaths were the only sounds in the room. When their pulses slowed, he rolled off her, and she sighed, missing his warmth. Time was fuzzy, so she was surprised when, what seemed to be a second later, he was cleaning her up with a warm washcloth.

“You can let go of the headrest now, gorgeous.”

She relaxed her grip, surprised at how stiff her muscles were. Warm hands rubbed down her arms, then brushed her long hair away from her face. Deep sat on the bed, staring down at her. His face seemed more contemplative than she had ever seen. Doubt bubbled in her stomach and she sat up, pulling the sheet up to cover her. 

Cheryl tried to put an unworried smile on her face. “I guess you need to go?” His startled look was all she needed to confirm her worst fears. He had been trying to think of a friendly way to exit, and she had startled him by guessing. “It’s ok we didn’t make any promises. I’m good with no strings.”

The fire that flashed in his eyes had her catching her breath. Before she could understand what was going on, he had her over his lap, her ass raised up in the air. The first smack startled a yelp out of her, but the second one hurt.

“What are you doing?” Well, she knew what he was doing, but… Ouch… she didn’t know why.

“You need to get whatever those thoughts you are having out of your head. Did I say I was leaving?” 

Another smack landed on her ass, which was starting to warm with the startling assault.

“No, but—”

“But you immediately assumed the worst.”

“Well, you are… ouch… spanking me.” But even as she said the words, something settled in her mind and the bad thoughts and all of her tension started to drift away. 

“Because I care for you. I won’t let you spiral on thoughts that are unhealthy for you or us.”

The tears started to flow down her cheeks at the tenderness in his words. “Us?”

He pulled her upright into his lap and cuddled her against his chest. She sat on a warm butt, enjoying his touch as he stroked her hair. 

“Yes, beautiful, us. If you want to know what I’m thinking, all you have to do is ask.”

She sniffled, and her heart fluttered. It took more courage than she wanted to admit, but she forced the words out. “What were you thinking?”

“I was thinking of how long it would take me to convince you to move in with me.” He chuckled and kissed the top of her head. “See, I want all the strings to be attached, but I don’t want to scare you away. This isn’t a Spring Fling for me. I’ve wanted to steal you away for months and now that I’ve got you, I’m not sure I can let go.”

His words made little sense, no matter how wonderful they sounded. It was crazy, wasn’t it? Sure, they had known each other for months, but was that enough?

“Steal me away?”

“You hate working for the DA. I was going to offer you a job at my firm even before tonight. Now that I know we are comparable in more ways, I want it all.”

He was right. Tearing people’s lives apart tore her up inside. She would much rather be working on the other side of the isle. If he had ever asked, she probably would have said yes. Her small giggle surprised even her. 

“You want it all?” Then she hesitated. Sure, she had told him her desires, but did he really understand? “Most people don’t want a partner who wants what I want.” 

Deep tilted her chin up and kissed her nose. “I’d love to be your Master twenty-four seven, but am willing to compromise. We still have a lot to work out and things we both need to learn about each other. Someday I think I’ll put a ring on your finger and my patch on your back. But for right now, I need to know you are all in.”

His words soothed the fear inside her. Settling into his arms was the best feeling. With her body exhausted from the wonderful time they’d had, she sighed and said the only thing she could.

“I’m all in.”

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