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Book Tag The Cyborg Tinkerer

A couple weeks ago I got the exciting opportunity to join Meg LaTorre’s street team for her upcoming book the Cyborg Tinkerer I was lucky enough to get an ARC(Review here) and have been having a blast meeting and getting to interact with the other wonderful people on the team.

This week we are all participating in a fun #BookTag that was created by Adventures of La Mari. Here are the questions:

1) Gwendolyn Grimm: From feisty to sweet and innocent, what is your favorite type of protagonist to read?

Sassy, Smart and with a whole lot of Verbal Kung fu skills. Nothing gives me bigger smiles then when the protagonist can cut a person down with nothing more than words.

2) Bastian Kabir: Not all romances start off on the right foot. What is your favorite romance trope? (Enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, etc.)

Forbidden Love – Nothing gets me going like two people who shouldn’t fall in love doing it anyway. Social Class, Brother’s best friend, Co-workers, or Rivals don’t care why they shouldn’t I just want them to.

3) Rora Lockwood: Some characters are extremely motivated to accomplish an end goal. What are some of your favorite character motivations? (Family, power, safety, career goals, etc.)

Family/Protectiveness – Family that you are born with or that you make on your own tugs at my heart if you can combine that with the need to protect those people I’m a sucker.

4) Celeste Beckett: Some villains are motivated to do evil for the sake of evil, while others might see themselves as the protagonists in their own tale. What is your favorite type of villain to read (morally gray or good vs. evil)?

Hero in their own mind – To me the world is never black and white and neither should characters be solely good or evil. I love a villain that believes they are doing the best thing for themselves and maybe the world around them if with little to no morals attached 🙂

5)Anchorage: In science fiction and fantasy, settings can range from magical forests to space battles to a dystopian near-future. What is your favorite setting in science fiction and/or fantasy, and why? Since The Cyborg Tinkerer is steampunk – If you have a favorite steampunk setting, give that a shout-out, too!

Contemporary Adjacent – My favorite fantasy and science fiction stories either take place secretly within our own world or in a world very close to ours but with magic or better tech. I think this goes back to my days as a teenager where I really wanted to believe I might get magic powers someday.

6) Cirque du Borge: Come one, come all to the mysterious circus of cyborgs. If you had to choose, what is your favorite book that features either a circus or a competition?

Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas – A friend of mine gave this to me a few years ago and it hooked me instantly. You should pick it up if you haven’t already!

7) The Scarlet Dragon: Some obstacles are armies while others are sharp talons and teeth. What is your favorite kind of obstacle mid-way through a book before the climax? (Facing the henchmen, battling a monster, solving a mystery, fighting a battle, etc.)

Mystery with a side of Kick Ass – I want my protagonists to have to use their brains and figure out something but maybe have to beat some bad guys to get all the clues.

8) When she falls for both…: Love Triangles. Some people love them. Some people hate them. What is your favorite love triangle you’ve seen in books? OR what is your least favorite love triangle you’ve read?

HATE THEM – That being said if the triangle turns out to be a poly love then I can love it so I will go with Cyborg Tinkerer as my favorite. I hate a good person getting hurt or a good person loving someone I hate so love triangles never work for me.

9) The Space Ship, Obedient: In science fiction, the ship often acts as its own character, whether sentient or not. An entire world is often held inside a hunk of metal (or within the gravitational field, in the case of The Cyborg Tinkerer). What is your favorite ship from a story? Or what is your favorite form of space travel?

The ship who sang – OMG this question pulled me back into my childhood and now I need to go back and read all of these. Anne McCaffrey shaped my childhood and re-reading her work still makes me smile every time. Check it out here.

10) The Cyborgs: Not everyone is lucky enough to have been born into a loving family. Sometimes they find that love through others like them. What is your favorite story about finding family, whether it’s through long lost relatives when a character thought they had none or adopting people into their family?

Powers That Be by Anne McCaffrey – Amazing story that I probably wouldn’t have thought of if it hadn’t been for the last question but not only does the MC find love but a whole town to be her found family. Check it out.

Wow that was so much fun and now I have to run off and re-read some of my favorites from childhood!! Grab the tag and do it yourself it is definitely a fun time!

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