You are currently viewing Coast to Coast Romance Episode 4: Interview with Vanessa Brooks

Coast to Coast Romance Episode 4: Interview with Vanessa Brooks

Sorry for the late posting! In Episode 4 we do an interview with Vanessa Brooks

Interview with Vanessa Brooks

I this episode we interview Vanessa Brooks

Vanessa Brooks – penning passion!

International best selling author Vanessa, lives in the heart of Sussex, England.

She is a believer in happy endings and writes romance with a capital ‘R’ which includes strong characters and some power exchange. Her books are spicy and varied!

When not being an author, Vanessa is out and about with her husband, exploring Britain’s many castles and stately homes, stopping for scones & tea at every opportunity!

We ask her about her:

  •  favorite sub genre
  • Why she chose the particular time in history that she did for you historical romance?
  • discusses perception and reviews and refers to what we do as authors is our story. 
  • About the perfect man, historically versus contemporary. 
  • When she starts to write her story, what triggers it for her.
  • What comes first story line or character?
  • What is her favorite review or favorite thing for a reviewer to say about her book?
  •  Is her largest fan base in the UK or united states?
  • What is her favorite/least favorite trope? 
  • If she wasn’t writing romans what  would you write?
  • What is up for her next?

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