Release Day: I did it!

After surviving cancer and having to rebuild my financial life from the bills it took a while before I was ready to dream of anything more than survival. Then one day I realized my dream was to become a published author. I couldn’t just drop everything, because kids like being fed and having fun things (Crazy right?) I gave up watching TV so I could have more free time. Even knowing it would be hard, I wanted to someday see my name on a book. I knew would take lots of work but I had no idea life wasn’t quite done throwing obstacles in my path. The first book was garbage. The second was pretty decent and I still hope that one will see the light of day. But right as I found my love of writing romance my husband of twelve years told me he was leaving and I realized I would now be a single parent.

It took time (almost 2 years) and several man-hating catharsis stories but I finally found my voice again. I realized that romance books don’t have to be realistic. They are a fantasy that is sometimes a secret we keep tucked under our beds. So I came up with a group of amazingly hot bad boys(that are totally men) that have secret soft spots for their women. Next I came up with a group of women who were amazing in their own rights and would love to have a super hot ex-military biker of their own. Then I dreamed some naughty dreams and the Dark Sons Series was born.

Each of the books will be a thrill ride of danger and steamy times. I hope they will leave you with a smile on your face and the Hellz Yeah attitude I’ve adopted. I’m so proud of what I written and hope you might enjoy it as well. Even if you don’t, I hope that if nothing else you can realize that no matter how much crap life throws at you it just takes one step at a time to get you closer to your dream every day.

Check out my book!

4 thoughts on “Release Day: I did it!

  1. OMG! I wish you the best! The books are awesome, I normally don’t read MC books but your stories fascinated me. I have just started Book 3 Tek’s story. I love all of the characters and I will be honest you wrote the books in Third Person which I love. I cannot wait for the next books in the series.
    Thank you, I so glad you wrote these books they feel like a labor of love. Take care new fan!


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