Cover Reveal Lost in the Dark

It’s here and I’m so excited!! Next week Book 2 of my Dark Sons series will be coming out. (3/12) I can’t tell you how exciting this is. Patty over at Blushing Books did a phenomenal job on this and I just want to meet the guy behind these muscles.

Here is the unofficial blurb (I’ll update when it is official):

One night of laughter and explosive passion with a stranger, about to be deployed, changed Nefertari’s life. Pregnant with no way to find him she was shunned by her family and had to struggle to create the best life she could for their beautiful daughter. Working as a Yoga instructor at a shady spa is both her salvation and downfall. After a chance conversation she discovers one of her students knows her mysterious man, Dragon, but she unknowingly discovers a drug ring being run by a street gang. A gang who needs her to remain silent.

Dragon often dreamed of the girl who got away, the girl who ruined him for other women with her body and her heart. When he finally finds her, he never expected she would be in mortal danger or discover he has a daughter. As a Brother in the Dark Sons MC he knows he and his Brothers can protect Tari and Lali, but winning Tari’s heart is a solo mission. The two of them must find love while staying alive and bringing down a criminal ring intent on killing her. Does their lightning hot attraction still exist? Can their love grow under fire and blossom into the family they both dream of?

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