OMG Book 2 Publication date moved up!

So I want you to picture a normal day. My house needs cleaning. My kids are doing Zoom school. I’m in endless meetings trying to find order in chaos. You know the normal. Then my phone dings. I have my social media muted during the workday so it can’t be that and it isn’t my text notification. Weird.

Now I shouldn’t look at my phone because I’m in the middle of watching one meeting while listening to another, Skyping with at least four people and trying to slowly get my work e-mail under control. But of course curiosity is too powerful to ignore. Turns out it was a notification for the app my publisher uses for authors. The title of the notification is “Lost in the Dark – Release Update”. OMG, so of course I had to click and find out what was going on.

Well, book 2 of my Dark Sons Series, Lost in the Dark, was scheduled to come out in May. Now… March 12!!!! I’m jumping up and down for joy and freaking out all at the same time. I have to admit with my first book I was so overwhelmed I didn’t get to do the marketing and reach out the way I wanted to. I had a plan to build up to the release of Book 2, and now all those plans are out the door. But SQUEEE it is coming out in less than two weeks.

I’ll be doing a cover reveal soon and rearranging so much so I can do some teasers and maybe put out the first chapter here on my blog so you all can read it. Anyway… Book 3 is in final self-edits, so I hope to have that off to my publisher in the next day or so. Then diving right into Book 4. Right now the series is planned for seven books with many possible spin-off series because I keep falling in love with my side characters.

Thank you for sharing in my excitement!

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