Remember to share the Good

In today’s world, we are quick to complain when we are unhappy. Trolls litter social media like scraps of paper on a city street. What I miss is the kindness culture that Oprah started back when she was on TV. (Dating myself, I know) Who remembers the random act of kindness trend? I do.

I’m not Suzie Sunshine by any stretch of the imagination. I’m snarky and sarcasm is my second language. There are horrible things going on in our world and I am WELL aware of them. That being said, I think we forget that there are wonderful things happening every day. Unfortunately, those things don’t get the press. In my own life, I try to make sure I say thank you to people at least twice as often as I complain.

We all need to remember how good a compliment makes us feel. How a bad day can be completely turned around by something nice happening to you. I read all my reviews, (I know I know but I have a thick skin) and I can honestly say the nice words feed my soul. I will admit to my shame that I rarely leave a review for books I love. After living on the other side of the equation, I will be going back and taking the time to leave at least a few sentences expressing my appreciation for the books.

I am going to be reaching out to those people who have made a positive impact on my life and letting them know they are appreciated. I will also be starting doing random acts of kindness again. We need more good karma in the world. Hope you will all do the same. Make someone’s day by writing them a short e-mail to say thank you, go back to your favorite books on amazon and leave a positive review, or just write about something good that happened to you.

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