Nothing beats Southern Slang

One of the best parts about writing is creating interesting characters. In Saved by the Dark one of my favorites was Val, a southern biker chic. I’ve met some colorful people from the south and by far their slang crushes any other part of the country. So of course Val needed to use it and use it right.

As a fun thing I thought I’d share some of my favorites:

  • I’ve bee eatin’ so much fried chicken lately that I feel called to preach!
  • That boy’s about a half bubble off plumb.
  • She’s crazy as a Betsy bug.
  • He ain’t hit a lick at a snake in years.
  • I feel pecked by a hundred chickens
  • I’ve got a champagne appetite on a Kool-Aid budget.
  • Well butter my backside and call me a biscuit
  • She’s gettin’ above her raisin’.
  • They’re in high cotton now!
  • I’m gonna yank her baldheaded!
  • Whatever cranks your tractor.
  • That’s just a lost ball in high weeds.
  • She drover her ducks to a bad pond o’water.

Comment with your favorite slang saying!

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