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Valkyrie’s Ride Part 1

I’ve decided to write a short backstory about one of the couples in the Motorcycle Romance series I’m currently shopping to publishers. I will post installments of the story here every Friday till it is done.

Disclaimer: This is rough draft that I might edit to fix up or leave as is. It is Motorcycle Club Romance and will use language and terms that some will find offensive. There will be violence, foul language and wide open door sex. If you do not know the genre please read up on it before you read as it holds tropes that many people hate.

Chapter 1

When killing them with kindness fails.. Try a clue by four.

Sue-Anne settled her Property of SoF cut on her shoulders enjoying the way the mat black leather of the vest contrasted against the silky texture of her emerald tank top. The sight of the hundreds of motorcycles lined up outside the campground brought back years of fond memories spent with her parents at rallies like this. Sturgis was the largest of those and her Father had convinced her to take the several day drive to spend time with him and his club before she started looking for a job as a nurse with her newly minted degree. 

Unfortunately they needed the bonding time. Once as close as two peas in a pod, the two of them had drifted apart ever since her mother had died of cancer three years ago. Further complicating things, as President of the Sons of Fury Motorcycle club, her father led a life that he didn’t want her to be too involved in. Events like this were different, here she could be part of the club even if she wasn’t a Brother.

For the next week she was going to forget the stress of getting a job, her non-existent social life and enjoy hanging out with her father and his Brothers.  She was probably the only woman here with rhinestones on her cut but her father had hers made when she was little and the embellishments had stayed even as she grew. The patch that said Rip’s Princess, in theory would keep her safe from other club’s men thinking she was open game. It amused the hell out of Sue-Ann that the wives of bikers were called Old Ladies but their daughters were princesses. 

“Sparkles!” The deep male voice made her smile even as the nickname made her cringe. Sure, she still loved a little glitter and glitz on her clothes, but that didn’t mean that she didn’t wish the childhood nickname would fade away.

“Uncle Digger!” Sue-Ann laughed as her father’s Vice President ran out and scooped her up over his shoulder. Her red hair swung around her face as he spun her around. “Put me down!”

“Nah girl. I done caught me a treasure! I’m going to bring my bounty back to camp.” Digger may have been almost fifteen years her senior but he was obviously in shape as he hauled her laughing like a sack of laundry through the camp grounds.

Masculine chuckles murmured as they passed through several camps though Sue-Ann couldn’t see anything from her precarious position. The wild times were already starting and she felt her stress slipping away as the complete ridiculousness of her situation made her smile. The life of a 1%er wasn’t easy but it was definitely freeing. She knew that it wasn’t that way in all clubs or for all women but she couldn’t help but think that she was lucky to have grown up in such a protective close community.

“I bring tribute to my President!” Sue-Ann felt herself spun around as Digger lifted her off of his shoulder. Her feet hit the ground and she wobbled and caught herself on a familiar broad chest.

Flipping her hair out of her face she reached up and hugged her father. “Hiya Big Daddy.”

His graying beard scratched against her forehead as he kissed her hairline.  She wasn’t short for a woman at 5’7″ but her father was a big man, barrel chested, and still in pretty good shape. He stepped back looking her over and scowled. 

“What the hell are you wearing?” He gestured at her jean shorts and silky tank as if she was wearing lingerie. There were plenty of women around wearing much less than she was including the nearby scowling woman who was his current bed partner. She was sporting only a bikini bottom and body paint. 

Sue-Anne planted her hands on her hips and matched his expression.  “It’s August Daddy. You want me wrapped up like a sheep before shearing? I’d pass out faster than even you could down a shot.” The heat in South Dakota was a lot better than their home state of Georgia but it was still almost 90 degrees.

“Don’t you give me lip Princess. “

Sue-Anne looked around. Most of her father’s Brothers were lounging around the camp’s fire pit drinking in the late afternoon heat along with some of the women she recognized from the club. She was about to fire back with attitude when she noticed a few strangers among the crowd of people sporting cuts from a different club.  Damn it, she knew better than to push him now but it was painful to hold her tongue. 

“Sorry.” Her tone wasn’t the best but he father smiled and pulled her in for another hug. 

“Let me introduce you to some folks before you go settle in.” Her Father pulled her into his side and walked her towards the men she didn’t recognize. “This is my daughter Sue-Ann. Sparkles this is Raze, Hawk, Breaker, and Dozer; they’re from the Dark Sons.”

The men were in their early thirties but significantly more in shape than she saw on most bikers. From their perfect posture she guessed they were ex-military of some flavor. She smiled at them and felt her gaze drawn to the one named Dozer. Built thick like a linebacker without any of the softness that usually came with that size. He had muscled arms that temptingly stretched the black tee he was wearing. Green eyes with tiny laughter lines around the edges drew her in and made things deep inside her ache. His small smile said he saw her looking and didn’t mind it one bit.

“Hi.” The men nodded at her. Sue-ann rolled her eyes when Dozer gave her a wink. She jerked a bit when she felt another hand sliding between her father and her.

Sue-Anne stepped sideways and saw Scarlet, her Father’s current woman, snuggling into his other side. The woman gave Rip a sappy look she probably thought was sultry. Only a few years older than herself but she had the subtlety of a cat in heat.

It had hurt at first when her father had started taking up with women who hung around the club but Sue-Anne had eventually accepted that it made him happy so who was she to fuss. So far none of them had been anything but passing distractions. This one was clingier than most and had been around for a few months. Scarlet made it abundantly clear she absolutely hated Sue-Anne and the time her father spent with his ‘pathetic daughter.

“The prospects will get your  bags honey. Scarlet can show you where the family RVs are set up.” The annoyed look on Scarlet’s face was amusing. Family always camped away from the main party area and by the club rules Scarlet wouldn’t be allowed to stay there unless she was made an Old Lady. Her father didn’t understand what a blow it would be to the woman’s ego to make her walk someone to a place she wasn’t allowed.

“Alright Daddy.” Sue-Anne turned giving a beauty queen smile to the Dark Son brothers. “It was nice to meet y’all.”

“No Rip…” Scarlet pouted, pushing her chest into his side. “I wanna stay with you.” 

Sue-ann winced. There were things you just didn’t do when in mixed company. A woman disobeying a Brother was high on that list.  It sucked that women in the 1%er’s world were separated into classes but that was how things were. Sweetbutts like Scarlet were just barely a step up from civilians, those not in the biker lifestyle, and given little to no leaway. Scarlet was lucky Sue-Anne’s father wasn’t as volatile as some because all she got for her disrespect was a look.


The woman confirmed she was clueless by huffing as she turned and stomped away. Not wanting more of a scene Sue-Anne followed after her giving a friendly goodbye wave to the now frowning men.  Hopefully the insult would be quickly forgotten. 

In private things could be different but respect was necessary to survive in the cutthroat world 1%ers choose to live in. It led to behaviors and language that most would never understand.

It was hard to see what her father liked about Scarlet. She barely seemed to understand that this was not civilian life and she couldn’t publicly question Rip. Ok, it was actually easy to see what her Daddy liked as the woman’s assets were on display. The sweetbutt was just so different from Sue-Anne’s mother who had been a sassy but sweet southern rocker chick.  

When two women had walked for a few minutes Sue-Anne said, “I can find my own way from here.” Locating her father’s RV wouldn’t be hard even if the campground was large. 

“You would like that wouldn’t you?” 

“Sugar, I would like a lot of things, and not spending time with you is definitely one of them.” Tired from the long drive her temper was almost gone.

“Princess,” Scarlet sneered. “I ain’t getting in trouble for you.”

Sue-anne raised her hands. “Whatever.”

The crazy woman spun and got up in her face.  “You spoiled little bitch. You think you are so much better than me but when Rip puts his cut on me there will be no more free rides. No more bowing down or getting sent off on bullshit errands. And you and the prissy Old ladies will finally show me some fucking respect.”

Oh dear Lord if that is what this lunatic thought she was in for a rude awakening. “I think the fumes from that trashy body paint are going to your head. Lord knows, I believe pigs will fly before this happens, but if my Daddy puts his name on your back I won’t give you shit. You want respect? Fucking earn it.” 

Predictably Scarlet lost her temper and Sue-Anne caught her wrist as she tried to lash out. Just like her father had taught her she took the crazy sweetbutt to the ground planting her face in the dirt and twisting her arm behind her back. 

“Get off me Bitch I’ll fucking kill you.” Scarlett bucked with surprising strength.

“Shut up you stupid Tramp. My Daddy likes you for some reason but if he ever heard that you laid hands on me God himself wouldn’t save you from what he would do to you.  I don’t like causing trouble but you are fraying my last nerve. If I get up you better dig deep and find the southern woman I’m sure your momma wanted you to be and walk away with what scraps of dignity you have left.”

“Fuck you!”

A deep masculine chuckle rolled over Sue-Anne’s skin like butter on hot corn. “I think you might want to listen to the lady. “

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