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Snippet: Bounty Hunter

This is a snippet from the start of a steamy Paranormal Romance that is in the running for my next WIP to actually finish.

Nova studied the blacked out door on the nearly deserted Philadelphia street trying not to be obvious. If it hadn’t been for the burly looking guy standing in front of it she would have been sure her informant had sent her on a wild goose chase. According to the disagreeable woman behind this was the mysterious private club Dual. She watched as a group of twenty something men walked up and exchanged head nods with the bouncer then headed in.

“So what’s your plan?” Nova’s best friend and business partner’s, Dawn’s, voice came through bone conduction ear com hidden under her hair. “Walk up to the super secret club say ‘I’m a bounty hunter looking for one of your members could you pretty please let me in?’”

Nova rolled her eyes and whispered. “No I’m going to walk up in this almost obscene outfit you helped me shop for and let my assets talk. Even private clubs need eye candy to make their paid members happy.

“And if your super boobs don’t work?”

“Plan B.”

Dawn’s sigh was crystal clear. “I’m almost afraid to ask.”

“Our usual plan. I get close enough to taze the target on his way in or out and you pull up. We throw him in the van, and take off before his friends can react.”

“Yeah that never goes wrong.”

“Fifty thousand is our cut. A few risks are worth it.”

“A few?”

“Hush. Now here goes everything.” Nova pulled down a bit on her skirt. “This outfit better do the trick.”

“Oh if he’s male and heterosexual we are good.”

Nova had spent hours taming her chestnut hair into smooth gentle waves. Then another hour painting her features to subtle model worthy perfection. The emerald green dress that her and Dawn had picked out was more a clever wrap of fabric then an actual piece of clothing. It hugged her body in diagonal strips that barely covered her naughty parts. It flowed and converged into a skirt that fell just low enough so she wouldn’t be arrested for indecency. Unless of course she bent over.

Dawn had tried to convince her to wear heels that would have made her almost six foot tall but Nova reminded her this was a job not a date. If she had to fight in heels they would slow her down and their current target was a violent piece of shit. Instead she was comfortable in her emerald green leather gladiator sandals. 

Raymond’s wrap sheet was a mile long with over fifteen assaults and petty but violent crimes. How he even got bail for putting three guys in the hospital and stealing/trashing their car was a mystery. The man had spent more time in jail then out since turning sixteen.

This was the first time he had skipped on his bail. Nova guessed a possible fifteen years was more than the guy could handle. Raymond had done an amazing job of dropping off the radar. Finding his most recent and very bitter ex had been a stroke of luck. Her information had led to here where the asshole spent most of his evenings.

Nova didn’t usually arrange to take targets in public places. Unfortunately the last two nights he had managed to slip a tail on his way out of the club. That left her with two choices, lure him from inside to another location or take him right as he entered or left.

Nova put an extra swing in her step and a mischievous smirk on her lips. The bouncer had on a tight black tee that outlined each of his many muscles. His jeans could have been painted on they hugged him so perfectly. As Nova got closer she noticed though his expression remained blank his eyes roamed every inch of her body. A breeze brought his cologne right to her nostrils, a musky yet male scent she didn’t recognize but loved.

It rankled her inner femonist but there was something amazing about having a handsome man devour her with his eyes. His scent and good looks sparked something primal that made her want to taunt and tease him. As she got closer she watched as he took in a deep breath as her skirt lifted a little in the wind.

His eyes seemed to widen a bit in surprise then his expression melted from bodyguard stoic to interested male. This might be easier than she thought. Making sure her posture was right to display all her best assets she took the last few steps.

“Hey Handsome.” Nova ignored the slight snort in her ear at the cheesy line.

“Well hello gorgeous. How is there a new Ashina in town and I haven’t even heard a whisper?”

What the hell was an Ashina? Nova hid her confusion at the strange word changing the topic. “So you are the gatekeeper to the club I’ve heard so much about.”

“Only until midnight. Then I would be honored to buy you a drink.”

What a smooth operator. Nova smiled but really hoped she would be long gone by midnight. Since she probably would be unwelcome to ever return, this flirtation was all that would ever be between them. “We’ll just have to see.” Nova gave him her sexist smile.

He reached behind him and opened the door for her. “Enjoy Dual Ashina.”

She smiled as she walked past him. Her eyes adjusted as she walked down a long hallway. Music vibrated through her body with sensual tones. Unlike the few dance clubs she had visited the  music wasn’t so loud she wished for earplugs.

A musky wild scent permeated the place making her think of forests and rivers. Stepping into the main club area it felt like the air was charged with electricity. The two hundred or so patrons wer sitting, dancing, and drinking. But what was the most intriguing yet horrifying is many of the patrons were in various states of undress. Some were engaged in different types and degrees of sexual intercourse. Not sure if she was horrified or extremely turned on Nova moved to the side of the room to get her bearings.

“That was almost too easy. Guess the dress did the trick.” Dawn’s voice held all the doubt circling in Nova’s head.

“Or he mistook me for who or whatever an Ashina is.”

“According to Professor Google it is either a tribe and the ruling dynasty of the ancient Turkic peoples, A selfish bitch, or a she wolf.”

“Well that is helpful.” Nova whispered.

“I know. Does the layout inside match the blueprint we got?”

“So far but we missed something in our research.”

“What’s that?”

“Apparently Dual is a clothing and condoms optional club.”



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