Time flies as we get older.

This is an unfortunate truth of relative reality. 

On a babies first birthday a year is the ultimate time, their whole existence. If I do the math (and I love to do the math) a year of my life is the same as only 9 days of that babies life. Sounds crazy but every adult I have asked remembers when summer break felt like an eternity.

Adventures were had. Friendships grew and fell. Love blossomed than died. I’m going to be honest here, I barely remember last summer. It, like too much of my adult life, was filled with unimportant work and a lack of tangible progress in anything that matters to me. I don’t say this to whine or moan about being overworked or needing a break. I’m not talking about feeding the poor or becoming an activist so that what I do matters to the world.

What I am talking about is being awake and active engaged in the moment. We all have our routines those habits that ensure work is accomplished, bills are paid, and family is fed and clothed. Too often I find that I’ve turned on autopilot and a day or week has passed and nothing special in that time sticks out.

How do I become more aware of my moments?

I’m not sure, but I do know that I’m giving myself permission to focus on more than surviving every day. Reminding myself that it isn’t selfish to demand time to focus on what makes me feel fulfilled. This summer I want to have memories and accomplishments that make me smile. I want to be able to say: “Wow I did all that!”

Summer Goals:

1) 3 blogs a week – personal – creative – on writing craft

2) Take at least 3 pictures of something I find beautiful a week.

3) Log 3.5 hours of writing time a week and track word count.

4) Do one thing a week to move forward in becoming a published author.

5) Log one thing that makes me happy every week.

So I’ve made a reasonable plan thrown it up here and most likely one of two things will happen. I will sort of follow the plan then get dragged back into numbness for another few months till I come up with a new plan. Or I will struggle for a few weeks fighting to meet my goals till this becomes my new better routine…. Fingers crossed.

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Writer of Steamy Romance. Part time author, full time engineer and single mom. Enjoying life and trying to find my write life.

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