Urban Fantasy: Second Age of Magic


I thought I would give a short intro to my world.

In the age of Myth and Legend magic flowed freely between the realms in gentle currents. The Sidhe and Elementals, originally beings of existing from pure magic, crossed over to the physical realm, bringing with them the magic of the ethereal plane. They bound the realms and their different magics into the very Earth using Silver and Iron. As a result, the world changed, and so did its creatures, large and small. Magic began altering and slowly creating new species.

Centuries passed, and humans grew into their power, creating races of their own. Those with power grew heavy-handed while those without chaffed under the oppression and dreamed of a world where all peoples were equal. In the sixth century, a secret sect of scholars set out to remove magic from the world. Twelve magical seals were created in an attempt to block all magic flow. Despite their efforts, they were not able to stop magic completely, and instead, they created a dam, which reduced the flow of magic to a mere trickle. Supernatural races faded or died. Those that survived went into hiding or risked becoming victims to the people they once ruled.

Centuries passed and memories faded. The seals were lost and the buildup of magic went unnoticed until a millennium had passed and the first seal shattered under the pressure. A flood of magic entered the world manifesting ancient forgotten powers upon the unsuspecting. Dormant genes from long-forgotten magical ancestors were activated, and humans were forced to come to terms with a changing world. During the next decade, five more seals shattered, waking dragons and other magical beasts. Governments made the fatal error of turning against these reborn races, trying to control and scientifically explain their existence.

Just twenty short years after the first seal broke; the world was embroiled in a civil war between the magical and the mundane. After years of unending bloody battles, the Queen of the Fae, blinded by grief over the loss of a loved one, orchestrated a coordinated attack to destroy the remaining magical seals, thus destroying the world of Man. Only five of the remaining six seals were located and broken simultaneously, releasing a flood of wild magic that warped the laws of physics, destroyed much of the technology upon which the world had come to depend, and toppled the governments, which had sought to control it.

Now the world has slowly begun to re-make itself…

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